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Purchasing Books

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My first novel is now available through KDP Select and Createspace. The rest of the anthologies and books listed below are available in various formats, with associated buttons. Thank you for considering my work! If you click the cover image, you will be taken to a free sample of the book or story on Wordpress. The buttons below allow you to purchase each book in any format that’s available. Sales Disclosure: All Amazon links below have appended HTML that link to my Amazon Associates account. Amazon offers this program to people who point others toward their site to buy stuff. If you buy one of my books using this link, Amazon provides me with a tiny bit of extra money for pointing you their way. While it’s a great program, I didn’t feel comfortable using it here without first calling it out. So please be aware!


Magazines and Anthologies

Includes my short story, Granite and Sand”.
Includes my short story, Grieftaker”.
Includes my short story, Rum’s Daughter”.
Includes my short story, Demoneater”.