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Cancers was filmed entirely in Unreal Tournament 2004. The “actors” are bots I scripted to act out the movie in real time, and I worked with the underlying engine code of UT2004 to create my own unique lip-syncing system that dynamically shapes character mouth movements based on a well known set of phonemes. The movie tells the interweaving stories of Sarah and Charlie, two survivors in a world overrun by dangerous, venemous spirits called Cancers. Featuring the terrific voice talent of Allison Wright and Allen Ivers, it’s a haunting tale of survival told entirely through the awesomeness of scripted sequences. The movie was a finalist in the Make Something Unreal contest, and the only part I’d really still like to improve is the animation (I did it all myself, and it’s... poor). The video below is an excerpt from the movie, with plays out entirely in real time every time it’s run.
Devil’s Covenant
Devil’s Covenant is a feature length movie filmed entirely in the Quake engine. It premiered at Quakecon ‘98 in Dallas, TX to rave reviews. The movie was next published in the April 1999 issue of The Games Machine, with a 30,000 copy distribution in the U.K. An excerpt of the movie was featured at the Sci-Fi Channel’s Exposure Film Festival in August 2000. At the time it was finished, it was on the cutting edge of movies filmed in game engines, a technique that would later come to be known as Machinima. Sadly, the Quake engine and the movie itself have not aged well, but it was a terrific experience and perhaps my most successful independent game project before entering the game industry. As an interesting sidenote, production on this movie was the first time I met Bill Benners, a great guy and fellow author who would later act as my mentor and editor on Glyphbinder. He voiced three parts in the movie, including the heroic General Ravell and the memorable and villanous demon lord Sith.