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Non-Fiction Writings

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This is where I catalogue interviews I’ve done and blog posts I’ve written. If you’d like more insight into my writing and game design process, this is the place to start! You can also read all of my blog posts at my Wordpress blog.
Peter interviewed me about the fifteen year journey Glyphbinder took from first draft to publication. You can read his interview with me and check out his professional site and published novels.
Interviews and Features
Interview by Author Peter J. Pollak
I had a terrific time talking about books and game design with Mikey Mason and Jonah Knight on their podcast, Pros and Cons. You can listen to the whole thing free by clicking here!
Pros and Cons Podcast with Mikey Mason and Jonah Knight
I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Melissa L. Hayden’s excellent Mythical Mondays blog, where I wrote a fun piece on why I find faeries (the ancient, dangerous kind) so fascinating. You can read about how faeries first caught my interest and how they inspired some of the dangers Kara faces in Glyphbinder.
Mythical Mondays
RavenCon Panel - Writing The Other
Sean CW Korsgaard recorded a panel I recently moderated at Ravencon 2014 called “Writing The Other”. I talked about what it’s like to write POV characters outside your experience with authors Paula S. Jordan, Jennifer R. Povey, Kate Paulk, and R.S. Belcher. Thanks to Sean, you can view the full panel on Youtube!
Janine Spendlove recently offered me an opportunity to do a guest post on her blog, Ailionora. I took the opportunity to share my thoughts on a common thing I see new writers struggling with, when and how to use similes in writing. You can read that post here.
Using Similes in Speculative Fiction
Andrea Johnson offered me the opportunity to chime in my favorite genre show of 2014. I chose the Legend of Korra. You can read more about why I enjoyed this show so much at the archived post on SF Signal, which you can find here.
SF Signal - Mind Meld - Our Favorite Genre Shows of 2014
Author and editor Sherri Woosley recently interviewed me on her blog, Taste of Sherri. We talk about why I named my first book Glyphbinder, what we get out of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Critique Circle, and what advice we can offer other writers, including those just starting out. You can read the interview here. Sherri’s blog posts are always amusing, so check those out as well!
Interview with Sherri Woosley