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Short Stories

Disclaimer: This story contains some references to domestic abuse.
I was seven when I sent Daddy to see the Mumbler. It snowed. I remember it snowing cause after the doctor people left we made snow angels, and Mommy didn’t cry and I didn’t have to eat any carrot sticks. When my hands got cold we went inside and played pretend. I pretended my doggie was alive and Mommy pretended she hadn’t found Daddy dead in the basement. The Absent Willow Review published “The Mumbler” on May 16, 2010. It was Eric’s first published short story. The magazine has since closed its doors, but you can read the original story by clicking here.

The Mumbler (Horror)

As soon as he entered his living room, Gabe knew the heads were agitated. Johnny was doing laps around the table and Andy was on the ceiling. Their empty black eye sockets watched him from inside flat, pale faces. Their suction cup necks strained. “I brought food.” Gabe ignored his migraine. The heads hurt him when he made them wait. He dumped four thawing hams on the hard wood floor. They thundered like bowling balls. The heads went for the ham like dogs off a snapped leash, mouths gaping to reveal pearly white teeth. They were hungry. Gabe tuned out the sound of the chewing, the sucking, the snapping of bones. After six months, it was easy. The Absent Willow Review published “Heads Number One” on September 16, 2011. The magazine has since closed its doors, but you can still read the original story by clicking here.

Heads Number One (Horror)

Willow Grove (Urban Fantasy)

My name is Jack, and I have a little sister. Her name is Dana. She was eleven when the faeries took her away. It was Dana’s birthday. We had chocolate ice cream cake, rich and wet and squishy. It made what happened to Ted in Willow Grove that morning seem like a bad dream. I knew Dana would go looking for Ted, but I didn’t want to go to Willow Grove again, not after what they did to Ted. I told myself Dana wouldn’t either, and that’s why I wasn’t there to stop her when she did. I was scared. Fiction Vortex published “Willow Grove” on June 14, 2013. You can read the full story by clicking here, and afterward, stick around to check out some great new fiction!
Eric doesn’t just make video games and write novels. He also writes many, many short stories. Some of them have even been published! If you’d like to get a feel for Eric’s work, you can view his recent publications below.
It was a cold, clear night when Rum watched his child die. Snow hung heavy on the ancient pines of Toroia Wood. Even the howl of the winter wind could not consume Bricka’s anguished cries, the pox eating her fragile yellow skin. Over and over Rum sent his warmth into her. Each time, a little more of his anima slipped away. Her pox tore at his throat and ripped at his gut, but he would bear all the pain in the world to save his daughter. He would die if she would live. Ragnarok Publications will release “Rum’s Daughter” in their reprint of Fairly Wicked Tales in 2015. This anthology includes a number of great stories from talented authors and I’m thrilled to be included.  

Rum’s Daughter (Fantasy)

Granite and Sand (High Fantasy)

Clay was a golem, granite and sand, and he hated himself - but mostly, he hated the killing. His latest opponent was a dark-skinned swordmaster in dented iron armor. A blue lion was painted on his breastplate. King Myre’s crest. Clay had seen many crests like this one in the past days. He had killed them all. The swordmaster’s helm was half-smashed, wrapped around the side of his chin. Blood filled one brown eye. It was the man’s broadsword that truly fascinated him. It glowed with wicked fire, pushing back the shadow. Enchanted. Clay prayed the blade could finally kill him. Deepwood Publishing included “Granite and Sand” in The Ways of Magic, one of their many recent anthologies. It has a number of excellent stories and I hope you’ll check it out.
“So,” Michael said. “That’s the pool.” His voice did not shake at all and that was encouraging. He could finally talk about the winterized concrete oval the same way he would talk about any feature on any house in Mission Beach. No one would guess this pool had killed his wife. The anthology Demon Rum and Other Evil Spirits will include my story, “Jinny’s Finest,” and is currently seeking a new publisher.  

Jinny’s Finest (Horror)

Grieftaker (High Fantasy)

For most people, the grief of losing a family member followed them all their lives. For Aise Allara, Grieftaker in training, the loss had been two-fold - her little brother, Rory, and the grandfather who had killed him. Every Grieftaker started by losing someone close to them. It was that grief, that wound in their souls, that let them access the ancient magic in tears. Inaccurate Realities published “Grieftaker” in Volume 3: Magic, their April 2014 issue. This is a fine independent magazine that continues to publish great fiction, and Issue 3 includes a number of excellent stories in addition to my own.
Lared was twelve when he ate his first demon, but that did not make him a hero. Men in stories were heroes, men who saved villages and fought dragons. He was just a frightened boy who jammed a chair leg through an old woman’s head. “Demoneater” was published in Superhero Monster Hunter, the latest anthology from Emby Press, in June 2015.  

Demoneater (Dark Fantasy)

Back Taxes (Science Fiction)

When I opened my eyes on the operating table, I knew I'd been away a real long while, and not just knocked out, not unconscious or comatose. I felt like I'd fallen down a well so deep you couldn't see the bottom, landed in soft sludge. Stayed there so long that dark and time were just concepts randomly combined The independent Austin webzine Space Squid published “Back Taxes” as one of its featured stories for March 2016. You can read the full story, for free, by clicking here.
In order to continue to improve his writing (and for fun!) Eric participates in Fantasy-Faction’s monthly writing contest. This means he writes one new story, per month, that is no more than 1500 words and written to fit the month’s theme. He then publishes these stories on the blog 1500 Word Stories, where you can read them for free! The prompt is different each month, so if you like short and snappy fiction experiments, follow 1500 Word Stories  on Wordpress or check back every month or so for a new science fiction, fantasy, or experimental story.  

1500 Word Stories (All Genres)